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| Sunday 1 February 2015 |
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1. First, please complete the box below. The e-mail address you enter here should be the one to which you would like our press releases sent. This will also serve as your log-on for this site. If you are a staff journalist, please enter your work e-mail address here. (You will later have the opportunity to enter a second e-mail for receiving releases if you wish.) Please note that a registration must be made by an individual and not under the name of an organisation. The primary email should also belong to the named registrant, although the second e-mail entered may be a more general, departmental address.

Passwords entered on this site will be encrypted so that administrative staff cannot read them. You will therefore be asked to enter a hint which can be e-mailed to you in the event that you forget your password.

2. When the system has confirmed that you do not have an existing registration, the remainder of the registration form will be presented.

3. When you have saved the completed registration form, you will be asked to select the journals from which you would like to receive advance press releases. These will be sent by e-mail to the address(es) you have entered on the registration form

4. Finally, you will be asked to provide documentation supporting your status as a journalist.

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